6 New Updates Rolled Out On WhatsApp

whatsapp new features

The 6 new updates that have been implemented on WhatsApp application is for all the platforms (android, ios, windows) like pinned chats, two-step verification, more efficient Siri, video calling button, who has read your photo/video status and much more.

So, let’s discuss the new features and modifications done to WhatsApp to ease our usage over it.

1. Who Read Your Photo/Video Status:

see who read your whatsapp photo status

This feature is magnificent for most of us who wants to share photos or videos tend for someone special and then have a look at it if they’ve viewed it or not. The con of this part is that even if you want to hide it from a certain amount of people or a particular person then you can’t until and unless you remove them from your contact, which means your photo/video statuses are visible to all on your contact list. Of course, you can hide it from public view from going to the privacy options under settings.

2. Pinned Chats:

whatsapp pinned messages

As the title suggests, this feature is amazing in terms of chat-pinning that allows you to put it on top of all other conversations. If you are a heavy user of WhatsApp then this feature might come handy to you as you won’t have to scroll all the way long to find the person whom you chat the most. Just pin the chat and it will be on the top of all the list and thus remains over there with other new chats coming under it.

3. Siri Can Read Your Messages Now:

siri reads whatsapp messages

This feature is for Apple iPhone users and requires iOS 10.3 or later to work. Siri can read your messages now, thus helping you out not to access your phone again and again. It is definitely a smart move as it was required from a long time, we hope this feature comes soon for Android users as well.

4. Two-step Verification:

whatsapp two step authentication

The feature is really very beneficial for users who changes their smartphone quite often. The two-step authentication adds an extra layer of security by requiring a passcode when resetting and verifying your account and it helps you to prevent misuse of your phone number without accessing the six digit passcode set by the user. Two-step verification also requires you to set up a backup id.

5. WhatsApp Text Status Returns

A few months back when WhatsApp launched the photo/video status feature, the text status feature was removed resulting in much confusion for the users. The WhatsApp text status was reinstated a few weeks back along with the photo/video status working side by side. You can view the text status on the person’s profile and the photo/video status in a separate window beside the chats.

6. Photo/GIF/Video Filter For iOS Users

The option to apply filters to a photo is probably the biggest one, these filters may be brought to photos or gifs and the 5 options implemented are pop, b&w, cool, chrome, and film. At the same time, the quantity of filters may appear less these days, it is simple to anticipate that the developers might be including more filters in the future.


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