New Apple iPhone 7 Earpods Style Features & Review

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As we all know apple is launching its new iPhone 7 in September, 2016. Apple is known for its style and authentic changes in masterpiece every time it launches something new. This time too some newfangled will be proposed and one of that will be no more 3.5 mm jack of earpods will be there. In the following article we will be discussing about the new Apple iPhone 7 EarPods Styles, Features & Reviews.

Features of iPhone 7 EarPods

New purchase of iPhone 7 Tiffany box will no more contain EarPods of 3.5mm jack. iPhone 7 will bundle a distinct type of EarPods this time which will contain a 8-pin featured with lightning port for digital sound quality and many other history quality. The new earphone looks identical to the last featured earphones similar shape of the ear inserts, inline button and mic by iPhone.

The iPhone 7 EarPods will obviously provide compatibility with the iPhone 7 and will assume also work with all Lightning-equipped products. There are few High quality images of earpods have been introduces by Weibo poster, in which we can see not just the jack the plastic surround that joins the connector to the cable is thick too.


We can assume why these changes have been made in new EarPods, where apple is known for its sleek and elegant show of its product. Its cable has been criticized for its quality because of breaking too easily, particularly with the fraying at its end. As this time its lightning quality of EarPods are going to be introduced, with the thick plastic at connector they are saving the fraying.

For iPhone 7 compatible EarPods have some technical explanation: the Lightning headphones may contain an embedded audio DAC. It’s unclear if the iPhone 7 itself will be able to do the mandatory audio digital processing or whether that responsibility will be left for individual headphone.

This time apple have gone for a bulkier design, where apple needs to change its major appearance of EarPods which is the buds itself, apple should go for some vital changes too keeping in mind the comfort of ear of people using their product.


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