Rumors About Apple iPhone 2016

apple iphone 7

This year the Apple fans are not going to be satisfied with the launch of the new iPhone, according to the Wall Street Journal Apple isn’t going to upgrade much on its new iPhone 2016 model.

It is rumored that Apple will focus more on iPhone the next year in 2017 which will be compacted with more features and rich user experience. The excitement for it will be more as because the company always stay unique from others, which for sure will make the apple users more exited.

As far as the rumors are being spread, it has come to a point that this years iPhone would comprise with the same 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch screen size. The ram will be increased in this years model and there will be up-gradation of the storage space as well. There will be the same variants of rose gold, space grey, gold and silver.

We expected more features to be added in the new iPhone 2016 flagship but as there is already so much competition in the smartphones market that Apple thought of giving a kick back next year and we might get to see more specific and more needed features in it.

What we can expect in the iPhone 2017 model would be somewhat similar to Lenovo’s Moto Z Force like the projection screen, more battery, a minimum of 21 mega-pixel primary camera and 13 mega-pixel of secondary selfie camera.


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