Whatsapp Gold Edition 6.0 With Supermods [UPDATED]


Recently there has been many reports on Whatsapp Gold being a scam and what not, the truth is that it is not at all safe. But the original Whatsapp Gold modified by Arnab Datta is totally safe which has many rich features like sending video above a gig or sending unlimited amount of images at once to someone.

Well in this post we would be sharing the Whatsapp Gold Edition which is totally safe and can be used without any hassle, there would be no messages popping up for downloading the latest version of Whatsapp or some other problem which we might have faced in the past few weeks.

As you might know that Whatsapp Gold is the best modified Whatsapp version so far among other versions like GbWhatsapp or OgWhatsapp. In this version you can hide certain features which are not required like disabling the voice call & voice note feature, you can hide the call button which most of us don’t like as it gets pressed accidentally some times. More over the gold edition is a pack of all the other modified Whatsapp version which definitely is a winner in this field.

Whatsapp Gold Features

  • Send unlimited images at once – you can send more than 10 images at a time which is limited on original Whatsapp
  • When you send message to someone, you get a sound notification
  • Voice call can be disabled
  • Voice note can be disabled
  • You can hide the call button
  • Toast added when someone if typing for you
  • Easy to find themes and install
  • SMS verification error fixed
  • iOS 9 and Marshmallow emoji’s added
  • You can preview an image which some one has sent you before downloading it
  • Save themes and re-use later on other whatsapp modified editions
  • Send high definition images, no chance of getting your images compressed anymore
  • Ability to change the font text size
  • Contact toast
  • Status toast
Whatsapp Gold Themes
Theme option in Whatsapp Gold Edition

The option to find themes is very easy.

You can browse the themes using the “Gbwhatsapp” option and then select themes.

There are more than 100 themes available which you can chose and select.

Applying the theme after downloading requires a restart, so make sure you have already sent the message if you have kept it in the conversation window with some one.

The themes are of very small size, so you do not have to worry of extra data being consumed. The themes are almost below 1 MB and they will groove your usage of Whatsapp and you will definitely love to use your Whatsapp more than before.
Whatsapp gold options

The options for Whatsapp Gold are as follows which you can see on the right hand side image.

The TrickyZone is the Youtube Channel of the developer Arnab Datta which you can subscribe and encourage him to keep the update on.

Dark Theme for Settings as you can already understand is the white space will turn into black. This feature is a boon for dark theme lovers or who uses Whatsapp at night mostly, this helps in preventing your eyes from getting hurt as well.

More options opens plenty of new options which you can explore yourself.

Chat option is a new feature integrated in Whatsapp Gold which enables you to change the “chat style” like facebook chat style or bubble style. You can take a look at this feature in the screenshots section below.

How To Install

  1. First install the original Whatsapp application from playstore
  2. Chat with someone and then take a backup of the chat
    • Settings > Chats and calls > Chat Backup
  3. Now uninstall Whatsapp application from your smartphone
  4. Next install the Whatsapp Gold app, verify your number and restore the chat backup
  5. Now if you want to use one more whatsapp account with a different number then install Whatsapp application from playstore





7th November, 2016

  • Royal Whatsapp Updated
  • Based on Whatsapp 2.16.338
  • New mods
  • New emojis
  • Whatsapp video calling feature
  • Whatsapp status feature

4th October, 2016

  • It has been noted that the latest version has been made obsolete by WhatsApp. We will try to bring the updated version soon. Please have patience and support us.


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